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2005 Copa Filipina BJJ Competition


Kamphuis-Machado (87 points)
New Breed Academy (59 points)
Wang BJJ Taiwan(10 points)

White Belt Division:

-141 lbs.
1st Nikko Devanadera (Ateneo Judo a**)
2nd Chester Dapo (New Breed Academy)
3rd Mark Uy (New Breed Academy)
3rd ND Fernandez (New Breed Academy)

-154 lbs.
1st Mark Sangiao (Kamphuis-Machado)
2nd Benjo Penson (Alliance)
3rd Wisdom Valleser (Sprawl MMA Team)
3rd Francis Uy (Alliance)

-167.5 lbs.
1st Richard Dee (Kamphuis-Machado)
2nd Gully Go (New Breed Academy)
3rd Bjorn Velasco (New Breed Academy)
3rd Archie Celebre (Kamphuis-Machado)

-181 lbs.
1st Lionel Zamora (Kamphuis-Machado)
2nd Peter Buendia (New Breed Academy)
3rd Buzzy Budlong (New Breed Academy)
3rd RK Ramos (New Breed Academy)

-194.5 lbs.
1st Froilan Serenas (Kamphuis-Machado)
2nd Mark Ng (Kamphuis-Machado)
3rd Casey Payne (Wang BJJ)

-221 lbs.
1st Joe Reyes (New Breed Academy)
2nd Allan Drueco (Kamphuis-Machado)

245 lbs.
1st Stone Ang (Kamphuis-Machado)
2nd Karl Medina (Kamphuis-Machado)

Blue Belt Division:

-126.5 lbs.
1st Erwin Tagle (Kamphuis-Machado)
2nd Angel Bautista Jr. (Protective Systems and Defence)

-221 lbs.
1st Ali Sulit (New Breed Academy)
2nd Nicolai Holt (Wang BJJ)

Absolute White Belt Division
1st Froilan Serenas (Kamphuis-Machado)
2nd Lionel Zamora (Kamphuis-Machado)
3rd Casey Payne (Wang BJJ)
3rd Stone Ang (Kamphuis-Machado)

Absolute Blue Belt Division
1st Ralph Go (New Breed Academy)
2nd Dhan Samson (New Breed Academy)
3rd Erwin Tagle (Kamphuis-Machado)
3rd Nicolai Holt (Wang BJJ)

Absolute Masters Division
1st Ali Sulit (New Breed Academy)
2nd Nick Stach (Wang BJJ)
3rd Ariel Valenova (New Breed Academy)

Absolute-Absolute Division
1st Remco Rettob (Kamphuis-Machado)
2nd Ali Sulit (New Breed Academy)
3rd Ralph Go (New Breed Academy)
3rd Dhan Samson (New Breed Academy)


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