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Many people have found that training in martial arts is the fastest way to lose weight and build lean body mass.
Compared to a normal gym setting the results are way ahead , not only will you lose weight , learn a self defense you will work in a group that motivates each other.
You have trainers that guide and teach you and fellow students sharing the same goals .

We encourage our students to combine regular training you will maintain a healthy balanced diet focusing on natural whole foods.
We have found students that train at least 3 times per week, combined with eating a sensible diet have noticeable results within 4 to 6 weeks.

About Martial Arts classes;
Martial arts classes are not designed just for fighters , we encourage everyone in the community to enroll and see the benefits for themselves.
You can have the benefits of training like a fighter without having to fight.
The medium to low intensity workouts means you will lose weight , tone up your body and stimulate your mind while also learning self defense skills.
You may have a short term goal to lose weight but we encourage students to make regular training a lifestyle choice as an investment in their health.
For Specific weight loss we recommend , Boxing , Muay Thai and MMA classes there are the easiest to master and you will see immediate results .

Come in try , you will find the environment friendly and encouraging, Your training partners are a great group of people all sharing the same common goals to take charge of their health and well being.
For a healthy Mind Body and Spirit try training at KMA.

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