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2007 Pan Asian International BJJ Competition

Team Tally

G-Team Fabricio - 118 points (G-10, S-6, B-10)
S-New Breed Academy - 72 points (G-6, S-3, B-9)
B-Team Guam - 72 points (G-5, S-7, B-7)
B-Bangkok Fight Club - 25 points (G-2, S-6, B-1)

Men's White Belt -60 kg

G-Jan Cortez – New Breed
S-Mike Sanchez – Team Guam
B-Justin Jalandoni – Kreation Singapore
B-Bert Sunico – Team Fabricio

Men's White Belt 60.1-65.0 kg

G-Carlo Peña - New Breed
S-Paul Andrew Jahn - Team Fabricio
B-JR Santos – New Breed
B-ND Fernandez – New Breed

Men's White Belt 65.1-72.0 kg

G-Richard Kua - New Breed
S-Nestor Ponce – New Breed
B-Momon Fortich - New Breed
B-Nestor Sison – New Breed

Men's White Belt -72.1-79.0 kg

G-Macky Favis – Team Fabricio/ Submission Sport
S-Claude Santos – Team Fabricio/Alliance
B-Demitri Telfair – Wang BJJ Taiwan
B-Alex Esteves – Team Guam

Men's White Belt 79.1-88.0 kg

G-Ivan Evetovich – New Breed
S-James Lee – Team Guam
B-Paolo Chu – New Breed
B-Steve Shimizu – Team Guam

Men's White Belt 88.1-98.0 kg

G-Noel Ang – Team Fabricio
S-Juan Leido – New Breed

Men's White Belt +98 kg

G-Karl Medina – Team Fabricio
S-Francis Mendiola – Gracie Barra Saipan

Men's White Belt Absolute

G-Claude Santos – Team Fabricio/Alliance
S-MJ Banaga – Gracie Barra
B-Paul Jahn - Team Fabricio - Evolution Taiwan
B-Patrick Gambe – Dan Zan Ryu Jiujitsu

Men's Blue Belt 60.1-65.0 kg

G-Joshua Poblete – Team Guam
S-Omar Damian – Team Guam
B-Erwin Tagle – Team Fabricio
B-Chester Dapo – New Breed

Men's Blue Belt 65.1-72.0 kg

G-Patrick Fleming – Team Guam
S-Joseph Taimanglo – Team Guam
B-Dino Manalo – Gracie Barra
B-Roman De la Cruz – Team Guam

Men's Blue Belt 72.1-79.0 kg

G-Ryan Bigler – Team Guam
S-Froilan Sarenas – Team Fabricio
B-Gordon Preston - Team Fabricio - Evolution Taiwan
B-Ray Roberto – Team Guam

Men's Blue Belt 79.1-88.0 kg

G-Scott Calver – Bangkok Fight Club
S-Sebastian Desvignes – Bangkok Fight Club
B-Vaughn Anderson – Wang BJJ Taiwan

Men's Blue Belt 88.1-98.0 kg

G-John Jones - Fabricio- Evolution Taiwan
S-Satoru Chaya – Bangkok Fight Club
B-Nick Stach – Fabricio Evolution Taiwan
B-Vova Gargov – Wang BJJ Taiwan

Men's Blue Belt Absolute

G-Joseph Cruz – Team Guam
S-Jon Anderson – Wang BJJ Taiwan
B-Matt Jones – Fabricio Evolution Taiwan
B-Joe Taimanglo – Team Guam

Women's Division

G-Helen Dawa - Fabricio - Team Philippines
S-Annie Ramirez - Fabricio - Team Philippines
B-Jonna Baquillas - Team Fabricio
B-Nikki Ng - Team Fabricio

Juniors -60 kg

G-Bert Sunico – Team Fabricio
S-Mike Sanchez – Team Guam

Juniors 60.1-67 kg

G-Sean Vergel De Dios – New Breed
S-JR Santos – New Breed
B-Annie Ramirez – Team Fabricio
B-Matthew Cruz – Team Guam

Juniors +67 kg

G-Mark Ng – Team Fabricio
S-Hadrian Torres – Team Guam
B-Juan Leido – New Breed
B-Aldo Vergel De Dios – New Breed

Masters -79 kg

G-Gordon Preston - Fabricio Evolution Taiwan
S- Dennis Eala – Team Fabricio
B-Eric Ma – Wang BJJ Taiwan

Masters +79 kg

G-Mark Thaler – Team Fabricio
S-Noel Ang - Team Fabricio
B-Scott Calver – Bangkok Fight Club

Purple Belt -79 kg

G-Luis Blanco – Team Guam
S-Terence Aflague – Team Guam
B-Adam Santi – Gracie Humaita
B-Kevin Hindriks – Team Fabricio

Men's Purple Belt +79 kg

G-Ralph Go – New Breed
S-Nicolai Holt – Cobrakai
B-Fritz Rodriguez – Gracie Barra Philippines

Purple Belt Absolute

G-Alex Berezovik – Bangkok Fight Club
S-Nicolai Holt - Cobrakai
B-Ralph Go – New Breed
B-Fritz Rodriguez – Gracie Barra Philippines

Kids -35 kg

G-Martin Eala - Team Fabricio
S-Zach Amin - Team Fabricio
B-Patrick Mapanao - Team Fabricio

Kids 35-40 kg

G-Moira Mahilum - Team Fabricio
S-Joaquin Eala - Team Fabricio
B-Paolo Mapanao - Team Fabricio
B-Jason Amin - Team Fabricio

Kids +40 kg

G-Rio Perez - Team Fabricio
S-Leandro Valenzuela – Gracie Barra
B-Jeric Llanera - Team Fabricio


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