Women's Self Defense

Women's Self Defense courses available.

"Women on Guard".
Is a practical self defense and situational awareness course available for the busy working Women.

We cover specific self defense situations and provide an informative discussion on prevention and situational awareness.

Corporate Women's Self Defense courses
Specific corporate course are structured for companies to educate and enlighten employees on the threats and dangers in various situations.

At KMA this we look at these course as more than just teaching self defense but as a community service for personal safety.

We use a power point presentation in conjunction with practical self-defense techniques and demonstrations that involves participation by the attendees.

Topics covered

Danger signs / Situations
Conditioned responses
Self awareness
Mindset of an attacker
Basic self defense responses
Basic self defense techniques
Body weapons and Targets

For a course program;
Please text or email ; info@bjjphilippines.com
To book a class call 551 4449
or text ; 0917 - 8142420

KMA Courses - Makati
This is an an ongoing Practical and Theory Course
General personal safety discussions risk assessment
Real Life situational Self Defence Techniques
and feedback discussions

What you will learn.
Techniques from Muay Thai Boxing Arnis and
Brazaiian Jiu jitsu and Judo, Taekwondo

Awareness , Confidence and Better understanding of your own Safety and circumstances.

Saturday 3.00 - 4.00pm

Members and Non members
Course runs for 9 sessions ( Free Trial class for the 1st session )
8 sessions - KMA members add to session rates
8 sessions - Non members P3500
Casual rate is P750

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