Stephen Kamphuis wins 11th World Seniors Gold

This year has been a significant milestone for Coach Stephen Kamphuis with many firsts:

1. Coach Stephen is the only non Brazilian from the Asia Pacific region to have refereed at either the Pan Ams and the Mundials (World championships).

2. Secondly on Monday he was awarded his second degree Black belt being one of the very few Non Brazilians World wide to get all his Black Belt degrees in Brazil. He is also one of only a few Judo and BJJ black belts to reach this grade. Master Fabrico with the blessing of Grandmaster 9th degree Red belt Osvaldo Alves made the award. Coach Stephen is the first non Brazilians and 1 of only 10 students to have been awarded his second degree by Master Fabricio.

3. Coach Stephen is also the only non Brazilian from the Asian Pacfic region to have won over 10 World Senior Golds (11 times) and the only non Brazilian from the region to win at the Black Belt level in the Absolute division.

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