Summer Martial Arts Classes - Muay Thai / Judo / Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) classes

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Once again KMA will be offering Summer classes for Judo, BJJ and Muay Thai.
Classes start Tuesday April 2.

Your children will learn the basics and fundamentals of Judo, BJJ or Muay Thai, such as falling , rolling, basic hold downs, escapes and striking ( Muay Thai).

Martial arts is not just about learning self defense it is a good form of exercise and discipline for young minds and bodies. Martial Arts can have a very positive impact on children making them stronger mentally and physically.
It builds self reliance, character and motivation.

A Judo and BJJ Black Belt (given by the respective International Federations) and 3 X International Masters/ Senior Open Weight Champion, Coach Stephen will oversee the classes.
He has accumulated years of experience teaching children and adults. He started training Judo as a 14 year old in New Zealand and continued learning BJJ in Australia and Brazil.

Schedule; Classes start on Tuesday April 2.
Contact: Coach Stephen

KMA Rada Gym - Makati
cnr Rada and De La Rosa Street Makati
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Tuesday and Thursday 10 to 11.00am BJJ and Judo (7 to 14)
Saturday 9.15 to 10am ( age 4 to 7 and beginners )
Saturday 10.00 to 11.30am ( age 8 to 14)

Muay Thai Classes:
Tuesday and Thursday 4 to 5 pm ( age 10 and above)

KMA Wack Wack
Wack Wack Royal Mansion
Wack Wack Road ( parking can be arranged)
Wednesday 10 to 11.15 am BJJ / Judo (all ages and beginners)

Session rates:
4 Sessions P 1000
8 Sessions P 1800
Membership with free T-shirt P1350