Four Gold Medals - 2013 Masters / Seniors World Champion Gi and No Gi

09 Oct

Congratulations Coach Stephen for winning the 2013 World Masters Seniors Championships in both Individual and the Open weight Black Belt divisions in both Gi and No gi being one of only a few individuals to ever win a grand slam of four golds at the World Black belt Senior level.

The first competition the World Senior Masters Gi competition was held in Los Angeles October 6 - 7 at the California State University .
The second competition the World Senior /Masters No Gi was held November 2- 3 at the same venue in Long Beach at the California State University

Open weight is when the medalists from the other Black Belt divisions in a specific age group compete to see who is the overall champion.
Coach Stephen won both the super heavy weight division and the Open Weight or Absolute division on the same day.

Coach Stephen is the only Australian / New Zealander ever to win gold in the individual or Open weight World Senior Black Belt divisions.

This is the fifth occasion that Coach Stephen has won double Gold at World Masters Seniors Championships first winning as a Brown belt in 2004 , and then four times in the highly regarded category as a Black Belt in 2006, 2010 and now twice in 2013.

The Team including KMA students and team mates and Instructors from Brazil are very proud of this rare achievement being one of only a few Non Brazilians this year to win the Open weight division.

Coach Stephen would like to thank all his students and former team mates for their support on and off the mats and to his Instructors Anthony Lange and Master Fabricio for their inspiration to compete and sharing their knowledge with him.

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