Master Fabricio was Awaded 7th Degree

Master Fabricio was just awarded his 7th degree early December which is a Red and Black belt .
The new rank was awarded by 9th degree Red belt Osvaldo Alves who is recognized by the International Jiu Jitsu Federation as the Worlds most senior Instructor.

Master Fabricio started his training with Grandmaster Osvaldo at age three and has been running his own academy in Coppacabanna , Rio Brazil , for the past 22 years.
He is a six time Brazilian Champion which at the time was considered the Worlds.
He has produced World champions students like Daniel Otero and has produced over 40 black belts under him including Coach Stephen who received all his Black belt degrees from Master Fabricio.

Grandmaster Osvalo started training under Carlos Gracie Snr the co- founder of BJJ at age four and has been training and teaching his whole life he is now in his 70s . Grandmaster Osvaldo has been one of the major influences in the sport innovating new techniques and acting as a teacher to the younger generation of the Gracie family.

The awarding of the 7th degree to Master Fabricio is not only a milestone for him but also for all the students under him including the Philippine based students of Coach Stephen who trace their lineage under both Master Fabrico and Grandmaster Osvalo.

We congratulate Master Fabricio for this great honor, less than 15 people worldwide hold this rank.

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