ARTICLE 13º- Direction And Decision

1. All those that will be in an official function in the competition such as:

technicians; professors; directors; time keepers; or other officials. Other unofficial people giving instructions from inside the dedicated area of competetion will warrant disqualification of the competitor.

2. In case the two athletes are accidentally injured and unable to continue during the final match the result will be :

A. If points or advantages are confirmed they will determine the winner.
B. If no points or advantages exist the result will be a draw.

3. If the two athletes stand from a position on the ground in any situation the judgement will be equal to that if standing.

4. For the final matches there will be a maximum of twice the rest period for the athletes.

5. For the final match the competitors will be allowed two opportunities to make weight.

6. In case of only two athletes on the bracket and one of the competitors does not show up for the final match the athlete present will be awarded the win and the competitor not present will not receive a medal or classification.

7.In case the athlete is attempting to pass the guard and attempts a footlock without success with the adversary sitting up, the competitor on top will receive2 points after he defends the attack and keeps the positon for at least three seconds In addition if the competitor attempting the submission, puts the opponent in visible danger he will receive an advantage point.

8. In case that the atlhetes weitgh with one kimono and change it for the fight they will disqualified, except in case that the referee tell him or her to change the kimono, but it must be mesure again when the referee looks is necessary.

9. Now a days we have the local that is possible to use the patchs and thers corrects positions, they are:


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